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Who founded the American Red Cross?
Rose Greenhow
Mary Chestnut
Clara Barton
Mary Todd Lincoln
What United States officer was sent to Harper's Ferry to capture John Brown after he, along with his sons and supporters, seized the arsenal there?
What was Sherman's Christmas present to Lincoln on December 22, 1864?
a Confederate flag
Beauregard's sword
a jar of soil from Georgia
the city of Savannah
What very famous newspaper editor during the Civil War wrote a letter to Lincoln urging him to free all of the slaves?
Horace Greeley
Daniel Rather
Virginia Graham
William McKinley
What is hardtack?
dried beef
special nails for boots
Who was Matthew Brady?
Civil War photographer
Union spy
Civil War Union officer
Lincoln's Vice President during Civil War
What was the name of Lee's two favorite horses?
Traveler and Silver
Warm Emblem and Sea Biscuit
Miss Lucy and Traveler
Silver and Scout
Who was the only civilian killed at the battle of Gettysburg?
George Harrison
Jenny Wade
Lawrence Fine
Jerry Garcia
In what year was Lincoln first elected as President of the United States?
On what person's land did the Civil War begin (farm at Bull Run) and end (home at Appomatax)?
William Smith
George Tarnover
Wilmer McClain
Frederick Pierce



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