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Who was the general coming back from Harpers Ferry that pushed back the Union at Antietam?
James Longstreet
Chris H. Donaldson
D.H. Hill
Who said, "He has lost his left arm but I have lost my right arm?"
Thomas Jackson
There was nobody who said this.
What did each of the stars on the Confederate flag represent?
a state that seceded and was part of the Confederacy
a battle that was won during the Civil War
a regimen in the Confederate army
an article or law in the Confederate constitution
Who wrote, "Narrative of a Slave?"
Frederick Douglas
Dred Scott
Horace Greely
Harriett Tubman
Between which two states is the Mason-Dixon line?
Maryland and Virginia
Pennsylvania and Maryland
Virginia and North Carolina
Maryland and West Virginia
Who, before hanging for carrying out an attack on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry on October 16, 1859, said, "A war is coming. I am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with Blood?"
John Brown
Robert Anderson, commander of Fort Sumter
John Smith
Nathaniel Haile
Which Confederate general became president of Washington College after the Civil War?
What was the name the South called themselves after they seceded?
Free States of America
United Confederates
Confederate States of America
New America
Who was Matthew Brady?
Civil War photographer
Union spy
Civil War Union officer
Lincoln's Vice President during Civil War
Name the city that the confederate capital was in?



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