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What was Sherman's Christmas present to Lincoln on December 22, 1864?
a Confederate flag
Beauregard's sword
a jar of soil from Georgia
the city of Savannah
What did Lee do after the Civil War?
He became president of Washington College, later named Washington and Lee in his honor after his death.
Retired from military service to write short stories
Taught at West Point
Ran for president of the United States against Grant
Who was the commander of the Union army at Antietam?
There was no Union general at Antietam
The Union wooden boat, Merrimac, was captured by the Confederates and turned into an iron clad ship called the?
The Robert E. Lee
The Cotton King
The Virginia
The Jeff Davis
During the Civil War, African-American Union soldiers initially proved themselves in battle where?
Bull Run I
Fort Wagner
What was considered the turning point in the Civil War?
The bombarding of Fort Sumter
The Wilderness Campaign
Who was the only civilian killed at the battle of Gettysburg?
George Harrison
Jenny Wade
Lawrence Fine
Jerry Garcia
Who initially was placed in charge of the Union army?
U.S. Grant
Winfield Scott
George McClellan
George Meade
In what two states before the war did the Bushwackers and Jayhawkers fight over slavery and states rights?
Kansas and Arkansas
Missouri and Mississippi
Kansas and Missouri
Arkansas and Mississippi
When did the Confederates begin firing on Fort Sumter?
July 3, 1860 6 AM
June 7, 1861 5 AM
April 12, 1860 4:30 AM
April 12, 1861 4:30 AM



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