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What was the last state to secede?
South Carolina
North Carolina
Who was Horace Greeley?
a soldier
a politician
a slave owner
a newspaper editor
The Civil War battle at Fort Wagner, South Carolina was notable because?
Battle where African-Americans fought for Union.
No one was killed
Took place over two weeks
First Confederate victory.
Nickname for Kansas because of the heavy fighting there before the Civil War?
Crimson Tide
Killing Fields
Bloody Kansas
Black Death
What were the two types of cannons used during the Civil War?
Big Bertha and Sure Shot
Scud and Patriot
M-18 and Horwitzer
Parrott and Napolean
How many stars were on the Confederate flag?
The Union iron clad ship, Monitor, had only two guns in a revolving turret. How many guns were on the Confederate iron clad ship, Virginia?
Who was the first person that Lincoln asked to be commander of the Union army?
U.S. Grant
George McClellan
George Meade
Robert E. Lee
What was the date of the battle of Gettysburg?
1/6/62 - 1/8/62
6/6/63 - 6/9/63
7/1/62 7/3/62
7/1/63 - 7/3/63
Who sunk the Virginia (Merrimack)?
Union saliors
The Monitor during their famous naval battle
It sprung a leak and sunk itself
It was sunk by the Confederates before abandoning the Norwalk naval base.



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