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What battle was in response to Lee's first invasion of the North?
Who was the president of the Confederacy during the Civil War?
James Longstreet
Robert E. Lee
William Jefferson Clinton
Jefferson Davis
What was rifling?
Military positioning of men with rifles in one straight line on a battlefield
Grooves in a cannon that made the shell spin
Special preparation of dried meat during Civil War
Being able to shoot a rifle while riding a horse at full gallop
What Confederate General had 29 horses shot out from under him and later went on to begin the racist organization in the South named the Klu Klux Klan?
James Longstreet
Jeb Stuart
Jubal Early
Nathan Forrest
Between which two states is the Mason-Dixon line?
Maryland and Virginia
Pennsylvania and Maryland
Virginia and North Carolina
Maryland and West Virginia
What was the name of the fatal Confederate attack, ordered by Lee, that occurred on the third day of the battle of Gettysburg?
Longstreet's Lunge
Armistead's Advance
Pickett's Charge
Stuart's Massacre
What did Lee do after the Civil War?
He became president of Washington College, later named Washington and Lee in his honor after his death.
Retired from military service to write short stories
Taught at West Point
Ran for president of the United States against Grant
From a military point of view, what was a major difference between Little and Big Roundtop at Gettysburg?
Little Roundtop had a water supply
Little Roundtop was in the center of the Union line
Little Roundtop was rocky but cleared of trees offering a better view of the battlefield
Little Roundtop had caves for hiding
What was the first state to secede?
South Carolina
North Carolina
What was the name of Stonewall Jackson's horse?
Black Beauty
Little Sorrel
War Emblem



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