By: S. V. Richard

This just in - the teen book review website, Flamingnet, www.flamingnet.com, has just encountered an alien. He was not a green Martian with big eyes and short limbs, though. He looked just like us. He is the author of I Am Number Four and The Power of Six, Pittacus Lore. (He mailed out 100 books to our book reviewers in ten seconds!)

Pittacus Lore told us about a planet, Planet Lorien, which once existed far, far away. When Planet Lorien was destroyed, nine children and nine elders survived. The nine children came to Earth, but it offered little safety. We were alarmed to hear that three of the children did not make it because the war has followed them here - to our planet - Planet Earth. They are being killed off in order according to their number. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 have perished. Number 4 is next.

We wanted to know who the remaining children were. Perhaps, we could disguise them as some of our book reviewers to help keep them safe, but Pittacus said that if they were doing their job right, we would not notice them.

The story unfolds in the novels, I Am Number Four and The Power of Six. According to Pittacus, the teens that remain must develop their powers and find each other. Pittacus is the ruling elder, who tells their story. He said that when the time is right, they will come together and carry out their mission to end the war, but the future of planet Earth now depends on whether or not they eliminate the evil forces behind the destruction.

When Flamingnet asked Lore what inspired him to write the novels, The Power of Six and I Am Number Four, he replied, "The events in the books are real. I am what humans call an alien. These facts are the basis for the books."

Flamingnet asked what an alien, such as Lore, was like in high school.

"My youth was spent learning to use my legacies and being trained in military tactics and history," he replied.

With so much interest in the books, Flamingnet wondered what Lore thinks attracted readers to science fiction.

"The stories are exciting and filled with drama, action and intrigue. They are also filled with the possibilities that humans dream of, but have yet to achieve," Lore said.

Katrina Holtz, 13, has been a book reviewer for Flamingnet for almost a year. The Power of Six was one of 16 books she has reviewed so far for Flamingnet. "I read it in two and a half days," she said. When we asked her what she thought of the story, she replied, "It had a unique style, and even though I haven't read the other book, it wasn't confusing because it had some flashbacks to explain what was happening…"

Flamingnet was interested to know if Lore had any "best selling" - out of this world - secrets to share with writers.

"Tell moving, entertaining stories. If readers want to keep turning the pages then you have done your job well," he explained.

"It's a really good plot I would have never came up with. He tells it in a way that's exciting and very suspenseful," said Katrina

With many Earthling readers looking forward to the next story, Lore shared some news about upcoming projects. "The story of the war between the remaining Lorien and the Mogadorians will continue for as long as continues. I can tell you that we find more of our kind, and we grow in strength, and we strike back."

The Power of Six and I Am Number Four are available at www.flamingnet.com, www.harpercollins.com, or www.amazon.com. Check out The Power of Six reviews by teens at www.flamingnet.com.

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