About Our Student Reviewers and Review Process
Thank you for your interest in our Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer Program!

Flamingnet has worked with hundreds of student from all over the United States, ranging from 4th grade to college. These students review new and advance books for us. They appreciate this opportunity and find reviewing for Flamingnet to be very worthwhile and fun. Please view the video by Kelsey Mengle on our home page (http:/www.flamingnet.com) that will tell you about her experience reviewing books for Flamingnet. (Please read comments from some of our student reviewers).

We are always looking for enthusiastic students who can write coherent summaries and opinions about the books they read. Students must also be dependable and self-motivated.

All student reviewers must have an adult sponsor. This sponsor should either be a parent, librarian, or teacher. Sponsors are asked to edit a student's reviews before the reviews are submitted to Flamingnet and are people we contact if students do not submit their reviews to us in 4 - 6 weeks after receiving a book.

Upon receipt of your application, sponsor information, and administrative fee, we email you a username and password. These are used to login to Flamingnet from our home page and view the books we currently have available for review. Each student reviewer selects a book from this list of available new and advance titles. They receive their book by mail (or by email in the case of eBooks) and are asked to review it within 4 - 6 weeks. The review is submitted online using a username and password. In some cases, we require that a student's sponsor read and edit the review before it is submitted to us.

Here is a link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-ykSHwFMuI&feature=youtu.be) that explains how Flamingnet student book reviewers request and write a book review.

We ask that each book review include 5 - 10 sentences of a summary of the book and 5 - 10 sentences of a well-written opinion using specific examples and details from the book. For examples of Flamingnet book reviews, please look on our home page for recently reviewed books by our student reviewers.

Before being posted on Flamingnet, all submitted reviews are evaluated by a Flamingnet Underwriter. A Flamingnet Underwriter is an adult who has volunteered to help us evaluate student reviews that are submitted to us. The underwriters are published authors, English teachers, librarians, and other educators that provide valuable feedback to our reviewers concerning areas such as sentence structure and grammar usage. This feedback is an added benefit of reviewing for Flamingnet and will help improve a student's writing skills.

If the student's review is thoughtful, well-written, and acceptable to the adult underwriter for posting on Flamingnet, the reviewer is allowed to request another book to review. On the other hand, if our underwriter asks for additional editing or corrections of the review by the student, the student is sent specific comments about how their review needs to be revised. The student is asked to submit their review again online after editing it with their sponsor, teacher, or librarian.

Students get to keep the books that they review for Flamingnet or donate them to their school or local library.

If you have questions, please send us an email or call us (410 215-9020).

If you are interested in becoming a Flamingnet Student Reviewer, you can either apply online or apply by mail. Your application must include an administrative fee of $15.00 for membership to Flamingnet to help us with the costs associated with mailing books to you. This membership is good for one year and can be renewed for $10.00 per year after your initial year with Flamingnet.

Flamingnet Student Reviewers
Come from all over the United States

(orange states represent where our reviewers live)
Where Flamingnet Student Reviewers Live

and from other countries such as Canada, England, and Australia.