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The Beating Teenage Heart

C.K. Kelly Martin
In this book My Beating Teenage Heart a girl is trapped in an unfamiliar place of darkness, with n ...More

Release Date: Sep-27-2100
Age: young adult
Ashes of Twilight

Kassy Taylor
Wren MacAvoy is a coal miner. She is a lower class shiner forced to work in order to maintain the r ...More

Release Date: Nov-13-2012
Age: young adult
Witch World

Christopher Pike
Jessie never expected anything out of the ordinary to happen when she and her friends went to Vega ...More

Release Date: Nov-13-2012
Age: young adult
Midnight City

J. Barton Mitchell
It's been eight years since the Assembly (an alien race) took over Earth and captured all the adult ...More

Release Date: Oct-30-2012
Age: young adults
The Lost Prince

Julie Kagawa
Ethan Chase is no ordinary kid. He has a gift, a gift that allows him to see the unseen faeries tha ...More

Release Date: Oct-23-2012
Age: young adult
Aloha, Mozart

Waimea Williams
Maile Manoa has been blessed with a beautiful voice and an insatiable thirst for music. However, t ...More

Release Date: Oct-15-2012
Age: Young Adult
Ashen Winter

Mike Mullin
It's been almost a year since the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupted and Alex Halprin journeyed acro ...More

Release Date: Oct-14-2012
Age: young adult
Eliza's Journal

Caelyn AB Williams
Eliza Walcott is going to have the dullest summer of her entire fifteen years. Her parents have c ...More

Release Date: Oct-12-2012
Age: young adult
Death and the Girl Next Door

Darynda Jones
Lorelei is the average teenage girl, living in a small town with her grandparents. Her parents st ...More

Release Date: Oct-02-2012
Age: Young Adult
Keeper Of The Lost Cities

Shannon Messenger
Sophie Foster is a 12 year old misfit. But all that changes when she meets a strange boy named Fit ...More

Release Date: Oct-02-2012
Age: 9 - 12
The Pack - Retribution

L.M Preston
Just a year after Shamira and her friends destroyed the evil organization MONEV, her team is on its ...More

Release Date: Sep-28-2012
Age: young adult
The Book Of Styling

Somer Flaherty

Release Date: Sep-26-2012
Age: young adult
Sophia's War

Youve probably heard of the famous spy Nathan Hale, but have you ever heard of Sophia Calderwood? ...More

Release Date: Sep-25-2012
Age: 9 - 12
Burn For Burn

Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian
Mary used to live on Jar Head Island but left four years ago because of a bully. That bully has be ...More

Release Date: Sep-18-2012
Age: young adult
Blood Spirits

Sherwood Smith

Release Date: Sep-14-2012
Age: adult
Titles 1 thru 15 of 4052 books listed.   Next 
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Brotherband Chronicles Book 2 The Invaders by John Flanagan
Brotherband Chronicles Book 2 The Invaders
John Flanagan
Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of an Honorable King (Book I) by Terry L. Raimey
Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of an Honorable King (Book I)
Terry L. Raimey
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To Be Maria (eBook)
Deanna Proach
We Are Savages (eBook) by Jessie Atkin
We Are Savages (eBook)
Jessie Atkin
The Shining City by Fiona Patton
The Shining City
Fiona Patton
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