Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
Flamingnet and our sister site, LitPick, are worldwide networks of preteen and teen book reviewers offering book reviews written by young adults on young adult books.

Who can become a student book reviewer?
Any student from fourth grade to college.

Do you have to be a good reader to become a student book reviewer?
No, not at all. You just need to love to read books.

Do student reviewers get to keep the book that they review?
Yes, reviewers keep the book after their review is posted on our site.

Where can I signup to become a book reviewer?
Book Reviewer Signup

Can adults become involved?
Yes, as a member of our site.

Can any author or publisher have their titles reviewed?
Yes, we are always looking for new books to offer to our students for review.

How can we start a book club with you?
A teacher, librarian, or parent can start or support a local young adult book club as part of our
Classroom and Library program.